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Excellent conditions for the supply of metal.
Using proven transport and logistics schemes, we carry out systematic deliveries of rolled non-ferrous metals to the most distant countries. Each customer is assigned a personal manager who will help solve all current tasks.
The SINTA TRANS company will be able to organize the delivery of rolled products to any country, carefully observing the volumes and schedules of shipments.

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Ajasting is a procedure for establishing by an independent specialist (third party) the circumstances and causes of an insurance case (if such a case occurred), as well as its documentation in the form of a report or a standard evaluation report.

Thus, ajaster is an individual or legal entity — an independent expert who is attracted by the Insurer or Insurer to settle claims and disputes regarding the insurance case and the amount of material damage (hence the amount of compensation).
Ajaster (a representative of SINTA TRANS) performs such a function of settling claims:

Inspection of damaged insured property;
Confirmation of the occurrence of an insurance event (if it took place) and its compliance with the terms of the Insurance Contract;
Setting and estimating the extent of material damage;
Compiling an expert opinion with the determination of the amount of insurance reimbursement to be paid (assessment report);
Participation in the settlement of claims and the resolution of the conflict between the Insurer and the Insurer;
If necessary, participate in the process of making a claim to the Insurer.
As both parties are interested in resolving the dispute, the representative of SINTA TRANS will do everything possible to ensure that the result of the expert opinion is fair. To do this, a report on the assessment of material damage will be drawn up, which meets the requirements of ukrainian law on evaluation, regulations and standards.


Survey services are a detailed examination and an independent assessment of the condition of the cargo (during its transportation by transport, loading, warehousing and storage), as well as inspection and examination of vehicles (containers, ships, wagons, etc.). That is, in other words, survey services are «cargo inspection», which is most often carried out to prevent (or eliminate) the occurrence of disputes and claims about the causes of damage to goods between interested parties.

Who can act as the Customer of the services?

Customers of survey services can be any persons who take part in the transportation of goods / cargo: carriers, senders (sellers), forwarders, recipients (buyers) and insurers (if the surveyor himself is not the insurer).

Functions and tasks of the expert of the company «SINTA TRANS» (surveyor)

Preliminary inspection of the cargo / goods, as well as the transport intended for its transportation. In this case, an expert of the SINTA TRANS company (surveyor) checks the conformity of the existing product (its packaging, quantity, quality) to what is indicated in the documentation. Also, the surveyor examines the characteristics of the transport, which, according to the requirements, must meet for the transportation of this cargo. If the expert identifies inconsistencies, he provides recommendations for their elimination;
Carrying out photo and video filming in the provision of independent survey services, the use of licensed measuring instruments by an expert, sealing (or unsealing) of containers, wagons, cars, ship holds, etc .;
Conducting by a surveyor of control of loading of goods on transport (or unloading), securing, as well as warehousing. The expert monitors the timely and high-quality performance of work, as well as the integrity of the cargo. All damage to the cargo and violations during work are recorded in the report;
Description and assessment of damage to the goods / cargo, as well as determination of the cost of its possible repair, sale or disposal (with the preparation of an assessment report);
Inspection of the goods upon transfer to the recipient. In this case, the surveyor determines its integrity and conformity of quantity and quality to what is indicated in the documentation or the degree of damage (damage) caused to the cargo during transportation;
Also, an expert of the company «SINTA TRANS» can act as an insurer for the cargo during transportation, that is, take responsibility for observing the rules of loading or performing other works that affect the quality and integrity of the goods;
Acts as an independent party, as well as as a witness or expert in an arbitration court, representing the interests of the Customer;
Acts as a consultant in the field of transportation of dangerous goods.

cargo insurance

«SINTA TRANS» can act as an insurer for the cargo during transportation, that is, take responsibility for observing the rules of loading or performing other works that affect the quality and integrity of the goods

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